MXR M-116 Fullbore Metal Distortion Pedal (Full Bore)
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You will receive 1 MXR M116 Fullbore Distortion pedal and 1 Hosa HGTR cables (6 inches in length). This is a high quality cable, not knock-off junk that is thrown in from other companies. Genuine Hosa, and their top cable (HGTR). Zoom in and see the ends/connectors are thick, and will NOT break or cause buzzing over time.

ALL items are 100% brand new in original Manufacturer packaging and are recent arrivals from the factory. This is not old stock that has sat around, it is fresh "A+" stock. We are an Authorized Dealer and this includes FULL WARRANTY

FREE priority shipping in the USA, International extra -- includes "Customs Service" and a tracking number

MXR M116 Fullbore Distortion Pedal
- Both Clean and Distortion channels.
- Run direct to the PA or straight to the mixing board.
- Smart “noise gate” and optimized EQ.
Finally, all the essentials in one tough little box. You need a serious D.I. for playing live and laying down killer tracks. You've got to have a preamp and finely tuned EQ to add punch to your tones. And you definitely can't do without some rich, custom distortion. This one-of-a-kind pedal gives you the whole deal in a bomb-proof enclosure that will survive even the most out of control gigs-and players. Built with the highest quality components, the M-80 can give you eve everything from warmth and transparency to a volcanic roar, without making you scroll through menu screens or an indecipherable manual. Engage the color switch for some sweet preset EQ, then tweak your tone with three band control. Dial in your ideal distortion with the gain knob and blend just the right amount into your clean signal, then kick it on and off at will. The adjustable noise gate pours on the sustain and cuts out hum and hiss. With XLR and parallel 1/4" outputs and a phantom power switch, you'll never have a problem delivering your choice new tones. 

Hosa HGTR High Quality Guitar Cable (1 included)

Hosa HGTR  Pro Guitar Cables are engineered to deliver years of rock-solid reliability. Combining REAN® connectors by Neutrik AG with world-class manufacturing techniques, they redefine what performance and value are all about. Features include:

• Nickel-plated REAN plugs for efficient signal transfer and superior durability
• 20 AWG Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductor for a louder, clearer signal
• 90 % OFC braided shield for a higher signal to noise ratio


  • Conductor(s): 20 AWG OFC
  • Connector(s): REAN Right-angle to Same
  • Length: 6 in
  • Shield: 90% OFC Braid
  • Item #: M116
  • Manufacturer: MXR

MXR M-116 Fullbore Metal Distortion Pedal (Full Bore)

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