Hosa SLW-333 Powered Monitor Audio Switcher
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The SLW-333 Audio Switcher by Hosa Technology provides three signal routing options, eliminating the need to re-wire equipment. It is ideal for comparing an audio mix on three sets of powered studio monitors, or for switching between three stereo sources on one pair of monitors. Features include:

• 1-In, 3-Out or 3-In, 1-Out operation for maximum versatility
• Noiseless switch for quick and easy comparisons
• Steel enclosure for rugged durability

This device is intended for line-level signals only, not for speaker-level signals. Do not connect this unit between power amplifiers and speakers.

  • Connector(s): 1/4 in TRS to 3 x 1/4 in TRS
  • Item #: SLW-333
  • Manufacturer: Hosa

Hosa SLW-333 Powered Monitor Audio Switcher

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